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BCLC’s programs for children are designed to promote an integrative approach to language learning, math, reading comprehension, and writing, wherein the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are taught holistically and interactively to promote long-term understanding of subjects.
Methodology and Objectives
Our courses are customized for children ages 3 to 15 who were raised in the United States and are interested in learning Math and English, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, or Cantonese Chinese, and are designed to provide the proper setting for students to reach a high level of proficiency in communicating, reading, and/or math. Our goal is to teach students effectively through interactive and specialized curriculums so that our students learn quickly, and remember forever. Classes nowadays focus on just exposing students to the lesson plans, but BCLC prides ourself in taking teaching to the next level by immersing our students in their lessons, so they have fun and want to learn. Our objectives are simple: we want to make learning fun for our students, and we want to make sure they really GET their subjects, and we always look for ways to reinforce that our students are great individuals, because BCLC believes that every student has great potential.
We provide:
  • Customized curriculums
  • Individual or small class sizes for focused instruction and learning
  • Effective communication at student’s best level of proficiency
  • Experienced and professional trained teachers
  • Competitive rates


Programs and Tuition Rate:
  1. Enrichment Language Program -- $100/month or $40/hour (for children aged 3 - 15) (check our Enrichment Language Program for more information about tuition fees and times)
  2. Summer Camp (Monday - Friday) -- $325 (full-day, 9 AM – 3 PM) (for children aged 3 to 13)
  3. Tutoring -- $180/month or $40/hour (for children aged 5 to 15) (check our Tutoring Program for more information about tuition fees and times)
The costs listed are for each student enrolled.  Register for our mailing list and you will be notified by email when special discounts are offered.
Remember to ask us about current discounts and promotions!
*We build our own curriculums, but we also compile information and other activities from our databases in order to give the best learning and interactive experience for our students.



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