A letter from parents of BCLC student

Dear BCLC,

I am thankful for the service that has been provided by your center this past year to meet my family's language learning needs. Tim (8) and Aline (6) amazingly were able to learn how to read Vietnamese by incorporating Mrs. Yen Nguyen's method only after 4 lessons this summer; this is the first time they've taken any formal Vietnamese lessons. My husband and I were surprised because they did not speak much Vietnamese at home up to then; they spoke more English and Mandarin because they had been attending Chinese school since they were 3.

Because of conflicting schedules, we also tried your tutoring service this fall instead of enrolling them in Chinese school. Ms. Cho Kiu Wan has done a wonderful job keeping the kids engaged during the Mandarin tutoring sessions. The kids also enjoyed learning a new language from Ms. Wan, Cantonese. It's been fun being able to watch movies in Cantonese with them now... and they can't stop singing the TVB theme song of the Dragon Sabre and Heavenly Sword they asked Ms. Wan to teach them!

Since taking classes at BCLC, my kids have had more confidence speaking in the different languages they've learned at BCLC, especially when we go to restaurants or around family members. Their grandparents are also happy because they can communicate better with them. In addition, family members and friends who speak Vietnamese, Cantonese, and/or Mandarin are impressed by how distinct their pronunciations are.

As a busy parent with a background in education, I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling classes as well as the excellent choices of language instructors and friendly staff.

As an adult student, I appreciate the help your language instructor provided me to prepare me for a work-related speech in Mandarin at the Silver Light Senior Association's 8th Anniversary celebration. After working with this group of older adults for more than 4 years, they were shocked to see how quickly my language skills have improved. Thank you, BCLC!

Amy Trang, Ph.D., M.Ed., Falls Church, VA

“… Jia made the lessons fun and enthusiastic, especially when they learn the words as they do hands-on activity. With her calm and easygoing personality, she is a perfect teacher. In addition, her studies at Mason as a graduate education major; it helps in teaching with children.”

Johanna Koh, Fairfax, VA

I have been taking Vietnamese class with Yen Nguyen and cannot be more pleased with the quality of her instruction. Ms. Yen is a pioneer in teaching Vietnamese as she has developed an effective system for learning pronunciation. She furthermore speaks in multiple dialects with a clear understanding of the finer points of grammar. What I truly enjoy is her knowledge of the etymology of Vietnamese words and the cultural explanations of why words and phrases are used in Vietnamese. This allows me to understand why I should use a word versus solely memorizing it.

After many sessions, I also enjoy Ms. Yen's down to earth personality and humor. She customizes lessons based on my weaknesses and strengths and is very patient. I highly recommend her for learning Vietnamese because as a student, you will learn more than you anticipated with a true understanding of the language.

Frances Phelps, Herdon, VA

“... Jia has a wonderful way with young children, making each class fun and engaging. She has a new lesson plan for each class, always speaks at their level and finds ways to draw them in. She engages them through toys, drawings, films, and sometimes, even food that she has cooked just for class. The kids look forward to class each week and are proud of what they have learned.”

Lynne Munson, Fairfax, VA

“… she is creative in the teaching methods and techniques she uses to reinforce the lessons the children have already learned. Through age appropriate games, toys, songs, and use of multimedia tools, she educates these young students. She involves the parents by providing vocabulary review sheets for us to use at home to continue their education. Ms. Lu is easy to work with, takes suggestions made by the parents and improves upon them, and is very supportive of the children.”

Rob Wexler, VA

“…Ms. Lu’s ability to effortlessly teach a wide variety of topic areas including Chinese domestic society and politics, military, economics, modern Chinese literature and even some elements of classical Chinese as they pertain to reading the above topics in modern Chinese. She is not only skilled at creating supportive, professional learning environments that encourage the whole learner, but easily adapts to my professional learning needs as they change”

Timothy Brothers, Fairfax, VA

“…giữ gìn Tiếng Việt đã là khó, kèm theo đó dạy đức dục và trí dục cho thế hệ mai sau còn khó hơn. Hướng đi của trung tâm BCLC và hoài bão truyền dạy tiếng Việt và đức dục cho các em của cô sẽ gieo những hạt giống tốt cho cộng đồng Việt Nam trên đất Mỹ nói riêng và toàn thế giới nói chung.”

Dung Doan, VA


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