About BCLC

About BCLC

Founded in 2011, BCLC's mission is to offer the best kind of learning experience to all age groups. We believe in fostering a love and appreciation for the nuances in learning in our students, by utilizing our two-part teaching method.

Our two-part teaching method is the most sustainable and effective method for learning there is for any student. The method consists of an interactive and customized approach that plays to the students' strength, helping students retain lessons better, and helping them fall in love with learning. With the lessons we impart on our students, learning will always be something fun and enjoyable, because it's something they WANT to do, not HAVE to do.

Our students include children, adults, and working professionals.

Our curriculum is designed with you, the learner, in mind. We start with general lessons, but tailor the interaction to your skills and abilities. We adjust the activities so you can fully engage in your learning experience. Our unique, contemporary, interactive approach makes learning most intuitive and enjoyable for students of all ages. Our courses provide you the best flexibility to learn your subjects. Virtual classes can be arranged for students who have transportation barriers or professionals with busy schedules.

Our competitive rates make learning at BCLC ideal for individualized attention. Our instructors have either a degree in education or are trained by licensed instructors with many years of teaching experience.


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